Seedium is top 1% of professionals on Upwork

Seedium is top 1% of professionals on Upwork

By Anastasiia Khymych | April 23, 2024 | Company News

At Seedium, our commitment to excellence in IT services is reflected not only in our projects and relationships with clients but also in the recognition we receive on platforms like Upwork. We are proud to share some of our most prestigious accolades, which demonstrate our expertise, dedication, and success in the industry. This article highlights our achievements on Upwork, showcasing the quality of our work and the trust we've built with clients.

The Expert-Vetted Badge: Leading the Way in Excellence

Our CEO, Mykhailo Kopyl, holds the esteemed Expert-Vetted badge on Upwork, a prestigious recognition that places him among the top 1% of professionals on the platform. This badge represents a significant achievement, indicating that Mykhailo has undergone a rigorous screening process conducted by Upwork Talent Managers and industry experts. The Expert-Vetted badge is more than just a symbol; it's a testament to his exceptional expertise, strong soft skills, and excellent communication abilities. Earning the Expert-Vetted badge on Upwork is a significant milestone, offering a range of opportunities that can propel a career and a business forward. For our CEO, Mykhailo Kopyl, this badge provides unparalleled access to some of the most sought-after clients on Upwork. With a dedicated Talent Manager to guide his journey, Mykhailo gains invaluable insights into Upwork's best practices and strategies to enhance his visibility and impact on the platform.

However, the real advantage of the Expert-Vetted badge is the connection to Upwork's elite clientele. It opens doors to work with prestigious Enterprise clients, including Fortune 500 companies. This level of access allows us to engage in high-profile projects and collaborate with industry leaders, providing unparalleled exposure and opportunities to expand our network.

By earning the Expert-Vetted badge, Mykhailo not only stands out as a top talent in his field but also positions Seedium to attract and retain top-tier clients. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and it underscores our ability to meet the demands of large-scale projects with professionalism and expertise. The badge serves as a gateway to high-caliber projects, enhancing our reputation and contributing to the continued growth of our company.

The Top Rated Plus Badge: A Testament to Our Success

Seedium as a company, along with our talented developers, proudly carries the Top Rated Plus badge on Upwork. This badge is a mark of distinction, indicating that our team is highly rated for work on large contracts. It is an upgrade from the Top Rated badge, demonstrating that our professionals are experienced in handling large-scale projects with high budgets and long-term contracts.

To earn the Top Rated Plus badge, talent must meet and maintain all the Top Rated criteria, which include:

  • A Job Success Score of 90% or higher.
  • Consistent activity on the platform.
  • A history of successful contract outcomes.

In addition, the following requirements must be met for Top Rated Plus:

  • 12-month total earnings exceeding $10,000.
  • Completion of a large contract in the past 12 months without negative outcomes.

Our Perfect Job Success Score

Seedium boasts a 100% Job Success Score, the highest rating possible on Upwork. This metric measures the overall satisfaction of clients, ranging from 0-100%. A perfect score is a clear indication of our commitment to client satisfaction, consistent quality, and seamless project delivery. It reflects the trust and loyalty we have built with our clients, a cornerstone of our success on Upwork.

Part of the Upwork Talent Cloud for Back-end and Full-stack Development

​​One of our notable achievements is our inclusion in the Upwork Talent Cloud for Back-end and Full-stack Development. This esteemed recognition sets us apart from the vast pool of freelancers and agencies on Upwork, allowing us exclusive access to Enterprise clients that others can't reach. By being part of this select group, we gain opportunities to work on significant, challenging projects that align with our expertise and skill set.

The Upwork Talent Cloud is a curated collection of top-tier talent, and our presence in this elite circle confirms our proficiency in Back-end and Full-stack Development. This unique positioning enables us to build relationships with high-profile clients, fostering collaborations that drive innovation and success. It's a clear testament to our capabilities and a strong endorsement of our reputation as a leading IT company.

Being in the Talent Cloud not only provides us with the privilege of engaging with prestigious clients, including Fortune 500 companies, but also solidifies our role as trusted partners in complex, high-budget projects. It opens the door to exciting opportunities and reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional results, further distinguishing Seedium in a competitive industry.


At Seedium, our accolades on Upwork are more than just badges—they are a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, and deep-seated industry expertise. Our CEO's Expert-Vetted badge signifies his position among the top 1% on the platform, opening doors to Enterprise clients and Fortune 500 companies. This prestigious status demonstrates his leadership and showcases our ability to meet the highest standards in our field.

Our company's Top Rated Plus status further reinforces our commitment to quality and reliability, indicating our success in handling large contracts and high-budget projects. This achievement demonstrates that we are trusted partners for complex, long-term engagements, underscoring our reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes.

Moreover, our perfect 100% Job Success Score speaks volumes about the satisfaction of our clients and our consistent track record of success. This impeccable rating is a clear reflection of the trust we've built with our clients, solidifying our standing as a premier IT company on Upwork.

Finally, our inclusion in the Upwork Talent Cloud for Back-end and Full-stack Development positions us among an elite group of professionals with unique access to high-profile clients and challenging projects. This exclusive status confirms our expertise and provides a gateway to new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Each of these recognitions contributes to our story of success and commitment to continuous improvement. As we continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to building on these achievements, maintaining our high standards, and delivering outstanding results for our clients on Upwork and beyond. At Seedium, our journey is defined by innovation, quality, and a client-centric approach, and we are excited to see what the future holds.