Reasons To Use React Native For Mobile Application Development

Reasons To Use React Native For Mobile Application Development

By Mariana Demchuk, Vadim Tarasenko | June 24, 2022 | Web Development

Over the past few years, the demand for cross-platform application development has skyrocketed. As competition increased, so did the need for a simple framework that uses one platform but runs on two different operating systems. Luckily, the demand has been met with React Native. This open-source framework allows you to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android at the same time.

React Native has been a hot topic in the mobile development world for several years now. In this article, we will try to summarize and consider the main advantages of app development for small business on the React Native framework.

What Is React Native?

React Native is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework that allows you to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android using the same codebase. The framework is focused on creating a great user experience for mobile devices, making it a suitable option for applications that require high responsiveness and intuitive use.

React Native was first released by Facebook as an open-source project in 2015. In just a couple of years, it has become one of the best solutions used for mobile development. To understand the seriousness of the technology, it is worth mentioning only a small part of these companies: Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Artsy, Coinbase, Airbnb, Tesla, SoundCloud, Uber Eats, Shopify, etc.

How It Works

React Native development

The React Native framework makes it possible to use JavaScript to describe the native interface and application logic. By itself, the JS engine provides performance comparable to native. However, do not forget that there is a bridge in the ReactNative architecture that reduces the speed of working with platform functionality and UI.

The project consists of a native part (ios - Objective C or Swift, android - Java or Kotlin), which initializes the JS code and interacts with the operating system. Next, the JS application takes control and, with the help of ReactNative, begins to create native objects and manage them from JavaScript. It is worth adding that the ReactNative architecture allows you to update the JS code without restarting the application (hot reloading). This allows for cross-platform updates without the need to republish apps on the AppStore and Google Play. You can also use libraries from Npm and a large number of third-party plugins.

Best Practices of Using React Native Framework

The React Native library is universal, with its help you can build almost any type of mobile application, in particular:

  1. Social networks. The experience of large social networks demonstrates the benefits of using React Native to develop many elements - commenting functionality, generating news feeds, launching video broadcasts, publishing text materials, user authentication, etc.
  2. Entertainment services. React Native has been successfully used to embed social media elements in mobile applications - comments, subscriptions, ratings, likes, etc.
  3. Messengers. Using the React Native library, messenger interfaces are created and additional functionality is implemented that is typical for these types of applications.
  4. Dashboards. React Native is used in the development of applications for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data in real-time.
  5. Systems of electronic commerce. Based on React Native, extended functionality of online stores, marketplaces and other commercial applications with an online purchase option are being created.
  6. Task schedulers. Library components are used in creating applications for managing tasks, projects, time, and teamwork.
  7. CRM systems. React Native allows you to create applications of complex CRM systems - application software customized to the needs of a particular organization to automate business processes.

The scope of React is not limited to this list. With a professional approach, a programmer can solve problems of varying complexity and adapt the library's capabilities to any project.

Benefits of Using React Native for Mobile Application Development

The main advantage of creating applications using React Native technology is the availability of only one code for more than one platform. This allows you to go beyond operating systems such as Android or iOS. Other benefits of using React Native include

1. React Native development saves time and money

Since the React Native code is compatible with both Android and iOS, developers only need to develop one application - two applications are created in the end. This saves time for the development and, accordingly, reduces costs by about 50%. This feature also makes React Native cheaper to maintain.

2. Close to Native Performance

React Native is important in improving performance through native modules and controls. It works almost like a native application created on a specific iOS or Android platform.

3. Quick review of changes

React Native offers "live reload", or "hot reload", which allows developers to immediately view changes made to code in a separate live view window at the same time.

4. Simple user interface

React Native development uses React JavaScript to build the interface of the app, making it more responsive and faster with reduced load times, which improves the overall user experience. With a reactive user interface and component approach, the framework is ideal for creating applications with both simple and complex designs.

5. Large developer community

Since React Native is an open-source framework, it allows developers to contribute to the development of a framework that is accessible to everyone. Also, if any developer encounters a problem while developing an application, they can seek support from the community.

Benefits of React Native for a developer and client

React Native benefits

When To Choose React Native For Your Project

React Native is a great solution for building apps that will run smoothly regardless of the platform or system they're running on, especially if your budget is limited.

Most of all, developing React Native applications is beneficial for startups - you will have extra time, to do equally important tasks, for example, developing a marketing strategy or planning the next stages of project development. You will quickly bring to market a minimum viable product (MVP) with a trending design and unusual features and will be able to test hypotheses with feedback from users of both platforms.

The only case when React Native is not suitable for you, probably is if you are not going to launch the project right away or are not ready to pay for subsequent support. The framework updates appear very often.

React Native development: Seedium’s expertise

One of the brightest examples of using React Native in our portfolio is the HerHeadquarters project. HerHeadquarters is a professional social network designed to bring together businesswomen in US cities. The Seedium team took the project from the idea and helped turn it into a successful startup with over a thousand registered users.

Our team was responsible for all stages of product creation and launch, including UI / UX design, frontend and backend development, and database architecture.

The client also needed to develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. As mentioned earlier, we used the React Native framework to achieve this goal.

HerHeadquarters mobile app

Using this framework, we have created high-quality applications for iOS and Android. The performance of the created products is not inferior to the native programs; they stink safe, fast, and easy to maintain. In addition, the mobile app development with React Native saved launch time and money.

Thus the cross-platform and extensive capabilities of React Native combined with the deep knowledge and wide experience of our team, provided HerHeadquarters with the opportunity to quickly enter the market and attract new customers.

Hire professional React Native mobile app developers

If you need quality React Native development, hire a professional development team from Seedium. We can help you implement your ideas within the shortest deadline. We will analyze the specifics of your project and find the best solution that meets your business needs.

Being mobile development experts, we provide React Native application development services and practice a comprehensive approach to project implementation:

  • We conduct market research and analyze competitors, as well as target audiences;
  • Our designers create a user-friendly dynamic interface based on user behavior;
  • The experienced development team takes care of the app functionality;
  • Our QA engineers test the product;
  • We launch your applications with placement on Google Play and AppStore.

Final Thoughts,

React Native is a great solution for building apps that will work smoothly regardless of the platform or system they're running on. This is a framework that both companies and developers love. React Native speeds up the development process save a lot of working time and reduces cost. This gives you access to a wider audience right away - since a single app can be used by both Android and iOS users, the launch can be synchronized and companies with smaller development budgets don't have to choose just one platform.