Effective Workflow Management In Wartime: Seedium's Approach

Effective Workflow Management In Wartime: Seedium's Approach

By Mariana Demchuk, Mike Kopyl | June 09, 2022 | Company news

Successful and timely projects are of key importance in building brand trust and business success. The client must know that his project will be implemented on time by 100% despite force majeure circumstances, including a pandemic, war, etc. This is the only way to build a trusting relationship with a client, get repeat orders or count on referral recommendations. To achieve this, you need to build relationships with customers through a clear management workflow.

The Impact of Workflow Management on Creating a Successful Project

A workflow is an end-to-end process that helps teams achieve their goals by connecting the right people to the data they need in a timely manner. When done right, workflows provide the clarity your team needs to achieve goals faster.

The lack of clarity in the management of the workflow brings confusion to the work itself, and this leads to a decrease in its efficiency. However, by clearly defining the workflow strategy and implementation steps, you can effectively organize your team, achieve project goals, and create effective process maps that will serve you for a long time.

Structuring business processes is critical to successfully meeting deadlines, as no one will wonder what the next step is or who manages which part of the project.

Key Benefits of Clear Workflows Management

It may seem like a lot of effort to organize a workflow, but well-defined repetitive processes are a key growth factor. An efficient workflow eliminates the hassle of organizing work, eliminates confusion, increases transparency, and promotes engagement. The initial investment will save you a lot of time and stress in the future.

Efficient workflows are not only about increasing productivity and doing as much work as possible, but also about creating space for creativity. When implemented successfully, workload management maximizes employee productivity and eliminates confusion, leaving you and your team feeling satisfied, not overwhelmed, at the end of each day.

This level of organization allows you to deliver tangible benefits to your team, including:

  • simplification of coordination between project team members;
  • productivity growth (without additional costs and quality reduction);
  • optimization of resource allocation;
  • increasing the transparency of projects;
  • increase the efficiency of the team;
  • avoiding duplication of work;
  • avoiding blind work
  • elimination of spontaneous processes and disposable systems by replacing them with a centralized source of information.

Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, use workflows that help your team be more efficient and adapt better to do their best work.

Seedium's Workflow Management: Key Steps

Although each workflow on each project is unique, they all consist of the same steps. These core components are flexible enough to be adapted to the needs of any project:

Project complexity assessment - we determine the level of project complexity, key tasks, and time required for the development. Includes business needs analysis, financial cost, and revenue analysis, including budget.

Discussion & Planning - defining the tasks that need to be performed to achieve the objectives of the project. We generate ideas for your project, develop and agree with you on a roadmap, outlining the estimate; we plan risks.

Implementation of solutions - fulfillment of project tasks in accordance with the project management plan. We start work on the basis of the stages we have agreed on together.

Monitoring and control - measuring the current implementation of project tasks; monitoring various components of the project; identification of corrective actions in order to properly address open issues and risks. Our QA team tests thoroughly to ensure that all features are displayed properly on each platform, ensuring maximum user uptime.

Closing the project - completion of all activities, agreement with the client on the final result. Once our QA team has reviewed your project, you will be asked to review the work and let us know of any additional changes you may need.

Project Maintenance - keeping your project secure and making sure it is available to your potential customers at all times.

Seedium's Workflow Update in Wartime

stand with Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 forced our team to adjust some working moments. That's right, adjust, not change. We have done everything possible to ensure that this does not affect our customers. And the above workflow has remained unchanged for us and our customers even in wartime.

Now about the updates…

Team relocation and remote work

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, our top priority was to ensure safe working conditions for our team members. Due to active hostilities, it was decided to leave our cozy Kyiv office for a while. That is why in the first days of the war, Seedium actively helped with the relocation of our employees and their families. We moved to safer places, in particular, some of our employees moved to the territory of Western Ukraine, some - abroad.

However, this did not affect our productivity and the friendly atmosphere within the team. We continue to support and help each other in all possible ways - information support, psychological assistance, assistance with transport, housing, and coordination on the ground.

Ensuring business continuity

It is very important for us to provide quality services, despite force majeure. In our opinion, this is the only way to build productive and long-term partnerships with customers.

Well-established mechanisms of interaction and clear management of work processes help us ensure uninterrupted work on all our projects and provide on-time services per all signed contracts.

In particular, from the first days, our projects were assigned to employees who were abroad and did not need time to relocate, so they could work smoothly.

Now, convinced of the safe working conditions of our team, we are actively working to attract new interesting projects and leads.

Moreover, the war did not hinder our company's professional development and growth. We continue to look for valuable staff to join our team, and even in difficult times for our country, the Seedium team is replenished with new employees.

Support of Ukraine

Since Russia invaded our country and started the war, Seedium is actively supporting the Ukrainian army. In particular, we cooperate with the Fund for Rapid Support of the Ukrainian Military and help raise funds for drones, thermal imagers, bulletproof vests, and other equipment for the Armed Forces. For all who wish to join, below is a link to the page with all the necessary information:

Glory to Ukraine!